Antique & Collectables Sale
on Wednesday 11th September 2019

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1.      A Victorian crossbanded mahogany bowfront chest of drawers with two short and two long drawers on outsplayed bracket feet, 100cm wide 20-30
2.      A black leather and plywood easy armchair and footstool, and another in brown leatherette (4) 70-100
3.      Three 1960s teak standard lamps, a Lloyd Loom corner basket, and seven various teak tables (11) 40-60
4.      A 1950s oak plywood bookcase cabinet, with twin sliding glass doors and a pair of cupboard doors, and a similar teak bookcase with two pairs of sliding glass doors, both 136cm wide, 28cm deep (2) 40-60
5.      A mid 19th century mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers on turned feet, 98.5cm wide 60-80
6.      An Edwardian mahogany side cabinet, with two frieze drawers and three panelled doors, all with chevron banding on patera inlaid supports 122cm wide, 42.5cm deep, 78cm high 30-50
7.      Two painted pine chests, with hinged lids and plinth bases, 94cm wide, 47cm deep, 38cm high and 81cm wide, 44cm deep, 36cm high (2) 30-40
8.      An Edwardian mahogany lead glazed corner cupboard, with velvet lined interior 70cm wide, 100cm high 30-40
9.      An Edwardian walnut and stained beech canted side cabinet, with frieze drawer over floral carved doors on turned legs joined by an under stretcher, 107cm wide 20-30
10.     A 19th century corner cupboard, the cavetto cornice over a shell inlaid panelled door enclosing shaped shelves, 73.5cm wide 102cm high 30-40
11.     A Victorian walnut and inlaid display cabinet, with gilt-metal mounts, single glazed door and black turned legs, 76.5cm wide, 104.5cm high 30-50
12.     A Victorian walnut and inlaid display cabinet, with single glazed door, velvet lined shelves and bracket feet, 77cm wide, 101.5cm high 60-80
13.     An oak corner cupboard, the twin panelled lozenge carved door enclosing straight shelves 75cm wide, 93cm high 30-40
14.     A French style painted bureau, with gilt metal mounts, depicting figures and landscapes, on cabriole legs and sabots, enclosing three drawers and a well, 66cm wide, 92cm high 40-60
15.     A giltwood framed rectangular wall mirror, with cabochon and scroll frame, 92.5cm x 67cm 20-30
16.     A Rabami blue suede adjustable office chair 20-30
17.     A late Victorian cast iron fire surround, with dentil and panelled frieze, 129.5cm wide, 134cm high, and an arched fire back 30-50
18.     A late Victorian cast iron fire surround with swag and patera decoration, 108cm wide, 117cm high 30-50
19.     A walnut three door glazed display cabinet on a plinth base, by Heal's of London, label to one door 152.5cm wide, 28cm deep, 113cm high 100-150
19A.    An 1950s oak dressing table and side cabinet by Meredew Furniture, the dressing table with long mirror and two drawers 116cm wide, the cabinet with two drawers over two doors 76cm wide, a pair of Meredew teak bedside cabinets and a long bed-head 238.5cm wide 40-60
20.     A nest of three French style teak tables with floral carving and cabriole legs, largest 60cm wide, 43.5cm deep, 59cm high 30-40
21.     A pine wardrobe, the twin panelled doors over a long drawer on bracket feet, 110 cm wide, 194 cm high 15-20
22.     A French pine dresser and rack, carved with floral sprays, the rack with small drawers over a base with two drawers and two cupboard doors on bracket feet, 126cm wide, 47.5cm deep, 210cm high 100-150
23.     A Fench style light walnut side table, the panelled and carved top over turned tapering legs joined by an undershelf 137cm wide, 51cm deep, 74cm high 40-60
24.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany wardrobe, with oval mirrored door and long drawer 131cm wide, 52cm deep, 201cm high 20-30
25.     A large pine dresser and rack, the rack with twin glazed doors and shelves over five frieze drawers and cupboard doors on bracket feet 228cm wide, 50cm deep, 198.5cm high 80-120
26.     A mahogany side cabinet with three short drawers over three panelled doors on bracket feet, 142cm wide, 45cm deep, 85cm high 10-20
27.     An early 19th centry rosewood occasional table, the circular top over a tapering octagonal stem and circular base with pad feet, 44cm diameter, 78cm high 30-40
28.     A mid 19th century mahogany foldover tea table, the rectangular top on ring turned tapering legs and brass castors, 105.5 cm wide 30-40
29.     An Edwardian mahogany three tier whatnot with three shaped shelves on fluted supports and cabriole legs, 76cm wide, 104cm high 30-50
30.     An adjustable mahogany tabletop bookcase and an oak bookrack (2) 30-40
31.     An early 19th century mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, with two short and two long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 102cm wide, 50cm deep, 83.5cm high 20-30
32.     A late Victorian chevron banded mahogany table, the rectangular top on turned supports and stretchers, 73.5cm wide, 53cm deep, 62cm high 20-30
33.     An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke table, the rectangular drop flaps over a frieze drawer on ring turned legs with brass castors, 91cm wide, 73cm high 40-60
34.     A mid Victorian inlaid walnut corner whatnot, with spiral turned supports 129cm high 10-20
35.     An early 20th century mahogany music cabinet, with two open shelves over four fall front drawers on bracket feet, 50cm wide, 107cm high 20-30
36.     A George III mahogany and boxwood banded chest, with one deep and two long drawers on bracket feet, 92cm wide, 52.5cm deep, 70cm high 20-30
37.     A reproduction mahogany kneehole desk, the leather inset top over two frieze drawers, above pedestals each with three graduated drawers on bracket feet, 92cm wide, 49cm deep, 77cm high 10-20
38.     A 19th century mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 105cm wide and a 19th century oak corner cupboard, with panelled door, 77cm x 109cm (2) 20-30
39.     A George III mahogany chest of drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 95cm wide, 51cm deep, 90cm high 80-120
40.     A tall early Victorian mahogany corner cabinet, the scroll carved pediment over a pair of glazed doors and a pair of cupboard doors, 90cm wide, 252cm high 60-80
41.     A pine dresser and associated rack, with two short drawers above a pair of panelled doors on a plinth base, 125cm wide 10-20
42.     A Victorian mahogany buttonback armchair, with scroll end arms, moulded cabriole legs and brass castors, and a lady's chair similar, with carved back (2) 100-150
43.     A French style three seat button back settee, with floral carving and cabriole legs, 195cm wide, and a matching armchair (2) 50-70
44.     A mahogany bedside cabinet, with open top inner shelf, 24cm wide, 20cm deep, 50cm high 15-20
45.     An oak low occasional side table with turned legs and stretchers, 48cm x 30cm x 42cm high 15-25
46.     An Edwardian oak bookcase, the raised scroll top above a pair of glazed doors on large bracket feet 83cm wide 150cm high 30-40
47.     A Victorian walnut nursing chair, the carved crest over a waisted tapestry back and seat on moulded cabriole legs and pot castors 40-60
48.     An early Victorian mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, with crossbanded frieze drawer over two short and two long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 112.5cm wide 50-70
49.     An Edwardian walnut smoker's cabinet, the broken arched and spindle pediment over a mirrored back and carved doors, 62cm wide, 69cm high, and an umbrella stand 30-40
50.     An early Victorian mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet, brass handles, 102.5cm wide, 48.5cm deep, 103.5cm high 20-30
51.     An early Victorian mahogany bowfront chest of drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet, turned handles 105cm wide, 50.5cm deep, 104.5cm high 20-30
52.     An early 19th century mahogany chest of drawers, with frieze drawer over three long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 112cm wide, 61cm deep, 97cm high 20-30
53.     An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke table, the rectangular drop leaves over an ebony strung drawer on ring turned tapering legs and brass castors, 90cm wide 40-60
54.     A Victorian mahogany gentleman's buttonback armchair, with moulded cabriole legs, as found 20-30
55.     A cream upholstered Chesterfield sofa on oak pad feet, 188cm wide 80-150
56.     A pair of 19th century mahogany chairs, with pierced fret carved splats and cabriole legs joined by stretchers, and a Chippendale style chair (3) 10-15
57.     A small 19th century mahogany drum table, the circular top with four drawers and dummy drawers on a turned support and tripod base with brass caps and castors 53cm diameter 72cm high 40-60
58.     An Edwardian inverted breakfront sideboard, with frieze drawer over two graduated drawers flanked by panelled cupboard doors on bracket feet, 162cm wide, 52.5cm deep, 88cm high 60-80
59.     A Victorian mahogany bookcase, with twin glazed doors and adjustable shelves on a later plinth base, 86cm wide, 30cm deep, 130cm high 30-50
60.     A late 19th century French style mahogany salon armchair, with padded back and pierced splat, open arms and cabriole legs, and a similar single chair 20-30
61.     A George III oak corner cupboard, the dentil cornice over a blind fret carved frieze over a panelled door, 82cm wide, 114cm high 20-30
62.     A late 19th century French walnut side table, the shaped top over a frieze drawer on turned tapering legs joined by stretchers, 90cm wide, 44cm deep, 75cm high 40-60
63.     A walnut effect bowfront display cabinet, with bevelled glass and mirrored back, 103cm wide, 182cm high 120-180
64.     An Edwardian mahogany lady's writing desk, the inset top over four drawers around a kneehole on square tapering legs and pad feet, 106.5cm wide, 53cm deep, 74cm high 30-50
65.     A late Victorian stained beech corner chair, with central roundel and outsplayed legs, and a bobbin turned corner chair (2) 30-40
66.     A George III oak snaptop tripod table, the circular top over a birdcage hinge on a baluster stem and cabriole legs, 76cm diameter, 69cm high 80-120
67.     A mid Victorian inlaid walnut tilt top breakfast table, the oval top on five turned supports and four carved downswept legs with pot castors, 132cm wide, 71cm high 30-40
68.     A set of eight stained beech French style dining chairs, with upholstered backs and moulded cabriole legs 20-30
69.     An Edwardian mahogany extending dining table, the rectangular top with canted corners on square tapering legs with spade feet and castors, with two extra leaves, 107cm wide, 178cm extended 20-30
70.     A pair of Queen Anne style black lacquer and chinoserie bedroom chairs, a similar folding table, a Victorian dining chair and a footstool (5) 20-30
71.     A mahogany tripod table, George III parts, the circular snaptop on a baluster stem and cabriole legs with pad feet, 77cm diameter, 69cm high 30-50
72.     A Victorian mahogany buttonback gentleman's armchair, with scroll arms and turned tapering legs with pot castors 60-80
73.     An Edwardian tartan covered chaise lounge on ring turned legs with later castors 180cm wide 30-40
74.     An Edwardian inlaid rosewood centre table, the oval top on square cabriole legs joined by undershelf and pot castors, 103cm wide, 74cm deep, 70cm high 60-80
75.     A French style mahogany serpentine bedside table, with two drawers and square cabriole legs with sabot 41cm wide, 71cm high 30-40
76.     A George II style cherrywood lowboy with two short and one long drawers on cabriole legs with club feet, 84cm wide, purchased from Peter Knight of Beaconsfield 60-80
77.     A George II style cherrywood dresser base, with central drawer and open compartment flanked by ogee panelled cupboard doors on bracket feet, 167cm wide, purchased from Peter Knight of Beaconsfield 70-100
78.     An Edwardian mahogany chest of drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers on a plinth base, 122cm wide, 53cm deep, 122cm high 30-50
79.     A mid Victorian rosewood nursing chair, the scroll carved upholstered back above a stuffover seat on moulded scroll carved cabriole legs and castors 40-60
80.     A George III mahogany blind fret carved stool, with tapestry seat, joined by later stretchers, 44cm x 41cm 30-50
81.     A mahogany dressing table, the central drawer flanked by two drawers on either side on square legs and pot castors, 120cm wide 20-30
82.     An Edwardian burr walnut chest with three short and two long graduated drawers on bracket feet 115cm wide, a matching bedside cabinet, and a tabletop chest of two drawers (3) 30-40
83.     An early 19th century bowfront chest of drawers with three long drawers on outsplayed bracket feet, 90cm wide 20-30
84.     An Edwardian chevron banded mahogany display cabinet, the protruding cornice over a glazed door and panelled door on cabriole legs, 84cm wide, 37.5cm deep, 172cm high 40-60
85.     A Chinese red stained side cabinet, with two drawers 35cm square, 46cm high 30-40
86.     An early Victorian rosewood foldover card table, the rectangular top enclosing a circular playing surface, on an octagonal baluster stem and circular platform with scroll feet, 92cm wide, 45.5cm deep, 75cm high 40-60
87.     A Danish teak draw leaf table, stamped A.B.J., the rectangular top on turned legs, 120cm x 80cm and a set of six Danish teak dining chairs, stamped (7) 120-180
88.     A Danish teak desk, designed by Gunnar Nielsen Tibergaard with three drawers and shelf to the kneehole, a further shelf to the back on angled turned legs, stamped Made in Denmark, designed by Tibergaard, 115cm wide, 62cm deep 250-350
89.     A Danish teak coffee table, the rectangular top on moulded tapering legs, stamped Vejle, Stole Mobelfabrik 164cm wide, 59cm deep, 51cm high 30-50
90.     A 19th century oak dresser and rack, the cavetto moulded top over two shelves above a base with three frieze drawers over three dummy drawers flanked by panelled cupboard doors, 152cm wide, 190cm high, 52cm deep 300-400
91.     An ash and elm Windsor armchair, the spindle back and turned supports on a moulded seat and ring turned legs joined by stretchers 50-70
92.     A mid Victorian burr walnut bowfront credenza, with boxwood and Tunbridge style inlay, with four glazed doors on a plinth base, 183cm wide, 44cm deep, 108.5cm high 200-300
93.     An 18th century oak coffer, the triple panelled lid over a lozenge and roundel carved front 129cm wide, 60cm deep, 61cm high 150-200
94.     An Edwardian mahogany extending dining table, the top with rounded ends, gadrooned edge and blind fret carved frieze, on square scroll acanthus carved legs on paw feet, with four extra leaves, 368cm long extended, 138cm wide, 74cm high 100-150
95.     A set of twelve Edwardian carved dining chairs, with mask finials over padded and spindle backs and overstuffed seats on turned legs joined by stretchers (12) 80-120
96.     An 18th century oak gateleg table, the oval top over a frieze drawer on turned and block legs and stretchers, 97cm wide, 107cm open, 72cm high 60-80
97.     An 18th century oak gateleg table, the oval top over a foliate carved frieze and bobbin turned legs and supports, 115cm wide, 145cm open, 72cm high 80-120
98.     **WITHDRAWN** A 1960s Norwegian rosewood plywood and chrome dining suite, designed by Hans Brattrud, comprising a circular dining table with inset lazy susan 137cm diameter, and four upholstered chairs, labelled Hove Mobler Stordal (5) 400-600
99.     A 1950s oak framed circular wall mirror, with bevelled plate 61.5cm diameter 40-60
100.    An early 19th century Dutch inlaid sofa, depicting butterflies and parrots among floral swags, with scroll arms and legs 200cm wide 300-500
101.    A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, the oval plate on scroll supports over a shaped base with two oval lidded compartments and scroll feet, 76cm high 60-80
102.    A Regency mahogany hall chair, with foliate carved waisted back, painted with a star crest on turned tapering legs, and a late George III mahogany hall chair, with painted N. initial, on square tapering legs (2) 100-150
103.    A Regency giltwood wall mirror, the ball applied cornice over a lattice frieze and rectangular plate with Egyptian style pilasters
93cm high, 59cm wide 40-60
104.    A Victorian burr walnut credenza, with boxwood stringing, the central panelled door inset with painted porcelain plaque flanked by bowed glass doors on bracket feet, 155cm wide, 40cm deep, 106cm high 200-300
105.    A 19th century rosewood barometer, with hygrometer, thermometer, convex mirror and silvered dial, the spirit level inscribed Grundwell, High Street, Tunbridge Wells 96.5cm high 30-40
106.    A deal cased longcase clock, the cavetto moulded cornice over a brass dial, with mask spandrels, scroll engraved centre, inscribed Jno. Blundell Fecit, and date aperture, over a trunk door with glazed panel and plinth base, the 30 hour movement striking on a bell, 200cm high 26cm dial 200-300
107.    A walnut and marquetry longcase clock, the fret carved cornice over a brass dial with cherub spandrels, silvered chapter ring inscribed Plasidus Penyston, matted centre with seconds dial, date apertures and lunar phase, above a trunk door, with bulls eye and inlaid with panels of flowers and birds above a similar base with turned feet, the eight day movement striking on a bell, 203cm high, 28cm dial 1500-2500
108.    A Schatz brass lantern form electric timepiece clock, the silvered dial with baton chapters 22cm high 20-30
109.    A Victorian slate and green marble mantel clock, with enamel dial, scroll supports and twin train movement striking on a bell, 45cm wide, 29cm wide 20-30
110.    An Art Deco ebonised mantel clock, with a figure of a seated girl and a silvered chapter ring, striking on a gong, 22cm high and another mantel clock (2) 30-40
111.    An early 19th century oak and chevron banded longcase clock, the painted square dial with date aperture inscribed Parry, Tremado? the eight day movement striking on a bell, 35cm dial, 216cm high 70-100
112.    *A Keshan rug, with central medallion and foliate filled beige field, within a multiple border, 200cm x 140cm 40-60
113.    *A Keshan rug, the central medallion and foliate scrolls on a red field with ivory border, 200cm x 140cm 40-60
114.    Graham Evernden
Two views of summer fields - A pair
Etching and aquatint, signed, inscribed and numbered in pencil
30cm x 40cm (2) 30-40
115.    Rachel Reynolds
Abstract in brown blue and red
Acrylic on canvas, signed
40cm x 150cm 20-30
116.    Richard Conway-Jones
'The French Girl'
Oil on canvas, signed
41cm x 38cm 30-50
117.    Kerry Nobbs
Windy Harbour
Oil on canvas mounted on board
signed, inscribed on the reverse
25cm x 50cm 40-60
118.    Kerry Nobbs
Bunker Bay
Oil on canvas mounted on board,
Signed, inscribed on the reverse
25cm x 50cm 40-60
119.    Kerry Nobbs
Eagle Bay
Oil on canvas mounted on board,
Signed, inscribed on the reverse
25cm x 50cm 40-60
120.    Jon Althrop
Acrylic on canvas, signed and dated 2011
66cm x 163cm 15-20
121.    Keith Hamilton
Southern Giants
Pastel, signed, label on reverse
39cm x 29cm 30-50
122.    Bill Yeates
Still life of bottles and a vase
Oil on board, signed and dated '93
55cm x 44cm
And a print of Nourlangie Rock, signed on the mount, 39cm x 70cm (2) 50-70
123.    Stella Mary Edwards (Yram Allets)
St Ives Sloop Inn
Oil on board, signed Allets
24cm x 30cm 40-60
124.    Stella Mary Edwards (Yram Allets)
'On the Par'
Oil on board, signed Allets
39cm x 49cm 60-80
125.    Peltam
A sheep in a landscape
Oil on canvas, signed
49cm x 60cm
Another landscape oil signed I. Caferi and a portrait of a Victorian gentleman (3) 20-30
126.    A tile depicting Egyptian mythical figures and a Pharaoh 23cm x 17cm and three Egyptian paintings on papyrus (4) 30-50
127.    After Joseph Farquharson
The Day Was Sloping Towards his Western Bower
50cm x 75cm 30-50
128.    19th century English School
Street view of St. Malo
Watercolour, monogrammed and dated June 21st '91
21cm x 10.5cm 10-15
129.    Three Egyptian paintings on papyrus, one signed Jasmeen 21cm x 18cm (3) 30-40
130.    Michael Turner
'Struggle for Victory'
Limited edition signed print 98/250 for The Sunday Times 1990.
45cm x 56cm 10-15
131.    A block print in the Chinese style depicting a dragon, figures, vases and animals, indistinctly signed artist's proof, 55cm x 74cm 30-50
132.    Philip Dunn
Between Wind and Water
Signed limited edition print 11.100.
38cm x 50cm
Thelma Sorrell Evans
Watercolour of flowers 'How Does Your Garden Grow'
25cm x 35cm and another of flowers on a windowsill (3) 30-50
133.    W. Connor
Salisbury Cathedral at night
Oil on board, signed
60cm x 50cm
And a pair of landscapes, signed James (3) 20-30
134.    19th century English School
View of a village, with cattle seated next to a river
Oil on board, inscribed Henfield
19cm x 45.5cm 40-60
135.    Bentioli (1960s)
Abstract rushes by a river and white cottages - a pair
Oil on board, one signed and dated '68
24cm x 64cm (2) 20-30
136.    Sheriden
View of a Cathedral
Oil on board,
61cm x 40cm 60-80
137.    David Suff (b1955)
'Homage' and 'Threshold'
Hand coloured etchings,
signed and dated, both 72/175.
20cm x 25cm 25-30
138.    Charlotte M. Alston (1887-1914)
Garden landscape with morning daffodils and blossom
27cm x 15cm 20-30
139.    Two abstract unsigned prints 54cm x 39cm 15-20
140.    A pair of studies of a Chinese man holding an ornament and a Chinese lady with a fan.
Oil on board
30.5cm x 22.5cm (2) 30-40
141.    After Myles Birket Foster
A countryside scene showing children playing
Reproduction print
23.5cm x 50cm 10-20
142.    Kathleen E. Bailey
Study of spring flowers
32cm x 44cm 20-30
143.    Attributed to John 'Jack' Earl
White cottages
Oil on board
57cm x 47cm
And another landscape
26cm x 37cm
Two other oils on board and two watercolours (6) 30-50
144.    John 'Jack' Earl
Mullion Cove, Cornwall
Oil on board, signed and inscribed on the reverse
45cm x 54cm
And another of Gull Rock, Mullion
53cm x 42cm (2) 30-50
145.    Graham Clarke
'Fry Up' and Squeeze Box - A pair
Etchings, signed in pencil - artists proofs
And a book: Miss Wirtles Revenge, illustrated by the artist
13.5cm x 17cm 50-70
146.    Michelle Still
Two watercolour and ink abstracts
19cm x 14cm and 25cm x 19cm (2) 15-20
147.    Gary Hodges
Pride and Joy
Limited edition print 330/1250.
38cm x 54cm
And two other limited edition Gary Hodges prints of tigers signed by the artist: Supreme, 895/1950 23cm x 90cm and Stealth 255/1250 38.5cm x 22cm (3) 70-100
148.    Gary Hodges
Preening Partners
Limited edition signed print 80/180.
20cm x 40cm
And five other prints of Jackass Penguins signed by the artist: Just the Two of Us A/P 7/99, Jackass penguin, Jackass penguin group, Wuddle, and Balancing Act (6) 60-80
149.    Italian Arches with Column Beyond
Three colour aquatint
Indistinctly signed inscribed dated 1960,
66cm x 48.5cm
And a print of the Piccolomini library at Siena
64cm x 55cm (2) 20-30
150.    Attributed to Horace Hone. A.R.A. (1754 - 1825)
Portrait miniature of Judge Francis Noble, (died 9th May 1790)
Labels on reverse
9.5cm x 7.5cm 60-80
151.    Henry Earp Senior (1831 - 1914)
River falls with fisherman beyond
Watercolour, signed
55cm x 74cm 80-120
152.    F. Walters
Thatched cottage by a riverside lane
Oil on canvas, signed
50cm x 75cm 100-150
153.    19th century Italian School
River townscape with bridge, boats and mountains beyond
Relined oil on canvas
52cm x 67cm 200-300
154.    A. Lewis
River Teith, Near Doune - Mountains at dawn
Oil on canvas,
signed and dated 1914, inscribed on the reverse
49.5cm x 75cm 200-300
155.    A Shirley
Kittens watching a goldfish in a glass
Oil on board, signed
27cm x 45cm 80-120
156.    Octavius Thomas Clark (1850 - 1921)
Leading the geese to a river
Oil on canvas
73.5cm x 124cm 400-600
157.    David Napp b1964
Study for 'Le Horloge'
chalk pastel,
signed, exhibition label on the reverse for the Bourne Gallery cat no. 44, 2004
24cm x 31cm 400-450
158.    Peter Graham b1959
Beach Stroll, Bermuda
Label for the Bourne Gallery cat no.56 July 1998
12cm x 17cm
Artist studied at the Glasgow School of Arts 500-550
159.    An early 19th century crossbanded mahogany rectangular tea caddy, with two boxes and cut glass bowl 30.5cm wide 40-60
161.    A carved hardwood mask sculpture labelled on the base 'The Work of Leslie H. Burley 1915-1968' in the African style 59cm high 20-30
162.    A Victorian hardstone travelling font, with turned columns, 14cm high 30-50
163.    A 19th century rosewood writing box of rectangular form with sloping fitted interior 25cm wide, 22.5cm deep, 13cm high 20-30
164.    A pair of white alabaster figures of horses heads, with brass finials , 36cm high 40-60
165.    A pair of Tiffany style lead and opaque glass shaded table lamps, on bronze effect base, the shades with a rose design, 59cm high (2) 60-80
166.    A bronzed resin figure of a knight on horseback holding a maiden, numbered 568/2000, 24.5cm high 20-30
167.    An early 20th century bronze table lamp in the form of a putti gathering grapes, on a circular marble base, figure 38cm high 100-150
168.    A Benin bronze bust of a figure in ceremonial dress, on a hardwood base 39cm high 100-200
169.    A four piece pewter tea set on tray 20-30
170.    A 1970s white adjustable table lamp, 48cm high, and an elephant form carved wood lamp (2) 30-40
171.    A late Victorian inlaid walnut stationery box, the hinged lid and front revealing a hinged slope and compartments, 36.5cm wide, 21.5cm deep, 25cm high 300-500
172.    A three branch brass girandole with rectangular bevelled plate within a mask and pierced scroll frame 48cm x 26cm 40-60
173.    A pottery bust of a young classical maiden on plinth base, with a copper simulated finish, 40cm high 20-30
174.    A pair of Italian Neo-Classical alabaster marble effect busts of an Italian boy and a Parisian girl, 19cm high 25-35
175.    An alabaster marble effect bust depicting Hermes, on a socle base, overall height with base plinth 22cm 15-20
176.    A pottery model of an elderly man polishing boots, as found, stamped on the base B.B. DEP. (possibly German), 31cm high 10-20
177.    A John Rabone & Sons fabric and leather tape measure, 33 feet, no. 2601 and a Woden W4 smooth plane, boxed (2) 25-35
178.    A scale model of a Naval patrol vessel, in a perspex case, 45cm long 40-60
179.    Books: 'The Family Receipt - Book' or Universal Repository of Useful Knowledge and Experience in all the Various Branches of Domestic Economy, published by Oddy & Co, 27 Oxford Street and W. Oddy, half leather bound, 19th century, and ten other books (11) 60-80
180.    Three Action Man figures, with various uniforms and accessories, a Sindy Doll and other accessories 40-60
181.    A collection of photographs and postcards, some World War I also aviation including British United Air Ferries and Silver City, and books 20-30
182.    A collection of 78rpm records including Bing Crosby, Billy Cotton, Ella Fitzgerald, Disney, Frank Sinatra, The Beverley Sisters and Vera Lynn (approx 70) 40-60
183.    A EPNS nurses belt, etc 60-70
184.    Diecast vehicles: Dinky 23E Speed of the Wind, 169 Studebaker Golden Hawk, Halesowen Trailer, Dodge, AC Aceca and Caravan; Corgi metallic sea-green Rover 90, Dormobile and London Taxi; two road signs (11) 15-25
185.    Books: The Cathedrals of England and Wales Cassell & Co, special edition, two volumes each in two sections 20-30
186.    A man sized shop display Merrythought Pirate Teddy Bear, known as 'George', with hooked hand, peg leg and Merrythought parrot on his shoulder, labelled, 194cm high 200-300
187.    A collection of World War II medals to include 1944 Normandy medal, The Italy Star, France, Germany Star, Africa Star, 1939-45 Star, 1939-1945 Medal Defence Medal 60-80
188.    A 1914-1918 medal to 1.60.41 PTE J.A. Mason Rif. Brig. and The Great War Medal (same recipient) 30-40
189.    A cased Imperial Service Medal 30-40
190.    A Garrard 401 turntable, with SME 3009 Arm, a pair of IMF floor standing speakers, an Armstrong 621 amplifier and other accessories including manuals 400-600
191.    A collection of hardwood model elephants and a large leather covered model similar, 36cm high (11) 30-50
192.    A collection of hardwood, brass or shell covered elephants, with turned wood or ivorine tusks, tallest 25cm high (24) 30-50
193.    A Royal Dux figure of an elephant (tusk repaired) 25cm high and various other similar models, some Indian and two bars of ivorine 40-60
194.    A collection of ebony models of elephants, as found 20-30
195.    OO/HO gauge kits: assembled and painted STR 0-6-2 Tank 'Margaret', STR 0-6-0 'Edith' with tender, six coaches, twelve wagons; and a boxed Hornby Railways ESSO Tank Wagon (21) 25-35
196.    OO/HO: a large selection of railway kit accessory packs by Wills, Ratio, Archer, Tradeline, Cockrobin, Walsh and ECM including coach bodies, wagon, lineside accessories, power-unit and electrical components 25-35
197.    OO gauge coach kits: Mallard models LNWR Railmotor, seventeen Ratio and two Slater's Ltd in boxes, unassembled (20) 30-50
198.    OO gauge railway kits: Wills Finecast GWR King, GWR Prarie; Kemilway BR Class 3 Standard; sixteen Ratio wagons, unassembled in boxes (19) 30-50
199.    A Hobbies treadle fretmachine, with booklets and patterns 30-40
200.    Books: a collection of books related to the railways, including The Railway - Lovers Companion edited by Bryan Morgan (second impression) A Pictorial record of Great Western Assorted Engines by J.H. Russell, also books on painters of railways - Terence Cuneo, Malcolm Root and Philip D. Hawkins 60-80
201.    Two boxes of Great Western Railway Journal 1992-2017 and two boxes of Model Railway Journal issue no.5 (1986) to no. 188 (2009) 60-80
202.    After Geoffrey Wheeler
GWR, No.4079 'Pendennis Castle'
North Star print
Various other prints of Great Western Engines, Western Region British Railways magazines and other ephemera 20-30
203.    A handbook for the Messerschmitt Cabin Scooter, with brochure and photographs, a brochure for Francis-Barnett Motor Cycles 1959-60 and other car brochures and magazines 20-30
204.    John Austin
'Accelerating the Goods'
Limited edition print signed in pencil
37cm x 56cm unframed, with certificate
Four railway prints after John Forest
'All Our of Effort' after Malcolm Root and 'Evening Star' after Terence Cuneo, another Cureo poster and various maps 40-60
205.    Terence Cuneo signed prints: Night King (inscribed to Mike Edwards) 45cm x 91cm; Flying Scotsman (639/850) also signed by Bill McAlpine and Alan Pegler 54cm x 68cm, King George V, also signed by Peter Prior 50cm x 66.5cm; Cornish Riviera Express 639/850 44cm x 58cm; Storm Over Southall Shed 139/350 37cm x 54cm all unframed (5) 80-120
206.    A British Railways poster for Ripon, after Claude Buckle depicting the Hornblower, dated 1960-61, 101cm x 63cm 80-120
207.    A British Railways poster for Hexham Abbey and 'The Lovely Tyne Valley', After Dennis Flanders, depicting the Abbey and Market Square, dated 1958, 101cm x 63cm 80-120
208.    A British Railways poster for Brecknockshire, after Jack Merriot, depicting the River Usk at Brecon, dated 1961 101cm x 63cm 70-100
209.    A British Railways poster for Essex, after Edward Wesson, depicting Moulsham Mill, Chelmsford, 101cm x 63cm 80-120
210.    A British Railways poster for Elgin Cathedral, after Jack Merriott, depicting the ruined cathedral, 101cm x 63cm 80-120
211.    A collection of photographs relating to Morgan Motor Cars, most with photographers stamp on the reverse including John H. Sheally II, Alan Isselhard, images of John Sheally, John Morgan and others, and a small collection of Motoring Magazines 40-60
212.    Dinky: Jaguar Mark X 142 with box, and piece of luggage, and 23.d. Auto-Union; Solido: March 707 199; various other die-cast model vehicles, a Clifford series racking sports car, and a Plasticos Maserati Sport 200/SI 60-80
213.    An embroidery picture depicting children at school playtime, 33.5cm x 44.5cm 20-30
214.    Jouef: Coaching stock including CIWL, DB and two maroon corridor coaches, five with boxes (9) 20-30
215.    Jouef locomotives: eight including Nord 3.1265, black SNCF 140.C.180, Pacific 231.C.60 in boxes, three others and two odd tenders (10) 40-60
216.    Jouef SNCF coaches: nineteen, six with boxes (19) 30-50
217.    Model Power: locomotives Santa Fe 3779, two Conrail and Southern 2180, nine freight stock; six wagons by A.H.M., Penco, Life-Like and Mehano, eighteen in boxes(19) 40-60
218.    Triang: three R.350 4-4-0 Locomotives (only two with tenders), Lord of the Isles, Biggin Hill, Caledonian 4-2-2 locomotive with tender, two U.S. outline stock and BR 0-4-4 tank locomotive, three items with boxes (9) 40-60
219.    Triang: blue and grey Pullman engines and coaching stock (24) 40-50
220.    Hornby ACHO: navy blue and cream 734 CIWL Pullman with box, two 1st and two 2nd class SNCF corridor coaches; two Hornby-Dublo Southern coaches and Utility Van; Marklin 2nd class coach; five Mainline wagons in boxes and Wrenn 'Aries' Pullman coach (15) 40-50
221.    Triang: Southern motor coach with trailer car and twenty-four coaches (26) 40-50
222.    Hornby Railways locomotives: R.374 Spitfire, another R.374 overpainted as 'Fighter Pilot', BR 2-6-0 Ivatt Class and three tank engines, with boxes (not all correct) (6) 30-50
223.    Lima: Eight freight stock including Southern Pacific Fruit Express Box Car, seven in boxes (8) 20-25
224.    Athearn: eleven kit (made) models including New Haven engine, two coaches and box cars in boxes (some incorrect) (11) 25-35
225.    HO gauge railway coaches: Schicht Mitropa Dining Car, Sachsenmodelle DB four-piece set, Liliput, RoCo in boxes (some incorrect), two Rivarossi Pennsylvania corridor coaches and two Amtrak (9) 20-25
226.    Lima: eleven Southern coaching stock in boxes (one incorrect) (11) 30-40
227.    Lima locomotives: GW Railcars, green Railcar 'The Green Howards' Diesel, SNCF 2-8-2 locomotive and tender in boxes and New South Wales 4-6-2 locomotives and tender in a Lima box (5) 30-40
228.    Liliput: black 4-6-0 locomotive and tender 382142 in original box, another similar in green; Piko 2-10-2 Tank Locomotive in original box and Airfix 0-6-0 BR locomotive and tender, (overpainted) in GMR box (4) 30-40
229.    Lima: Lufthansa set in original box, a passenger set (lacks locomotive) and twenty-four assorted coaching stock (26) 40-50
230.    Hornby Railways: R.6365 Breakdown Pack, six coaches and SR Luggage Van in boxes (8) 25-35
231.    Triang and Hornby Railways coaching stock: sixteen BR corridor coaches, three GW, Royal Mail and one LNER (21) 30-40
232.    HO gauge railways freight stock: one hundred and two wagons by Hornby-Dublo, Lima, Mainline, Wrenn, Hornby, Jouef, Triang and Dapol, varying condition (102) 30-50
233.    Hornby Railways: Eurostar engine 3219, Regional Railways motor coaches, fourteen coaches, varying condition (17) 25-30
234.    Hornby Railways: sixteen coaches including Pullmans, LMS Royal Mail and LNER 1st/3rd (16) 20-25
235.    Hornby Railways: Inter-City Advanced Passenger Train engines and coaches (29) 40-60
236.    Hornby Railways: eight locomotives including Sir Dinadan and 41 Squadron (one lacking tenders) and Inter-City 125 train (13) 25-35
237.    Hornby Railways: R.794 Advanced Passenger Train in original box and Jouef TGV (in part box) (2) 40-50
238.    Hornby Railways R.1100 The Royal Train in red carton 30-50
239.    Triang: ten Pullman coaches including R.228 'Ruth' in original box (10) 20-30
240.    Bachmann: New York Central 4-8-4 Locomotive and tender, Jupiter, Amtrak 31m Santa Fe 6067, four Brill Trolleys and seven rolling stock, majority with original boxes (15) 30-50
241.    Hornby Railways sets: R.2079 Kentish Belle R.794 A.P.T. in boxes and Virgin set (with inner tray only), varying condition (3) 40-60
242.    Lima locomotives: three Deutsche Bahn, eight others including SNCF and LMS and a spare tender, varying condition, one smoke deflector detached (12) 50-60
243.    A collection of comics, including The Beano 1984-1993, The Dandy 1984-1989 also Sept 4th 1966, Whopee Monthly and others
A collection of comics, including Buster 1989-1993, and Comic Library series for Beano, Dandy and Buster
A collection of comics, including Big Comic Fortnightly 1990-1993, Funny Fortnightly 1989-1990, Whizzer and Chips 1987-1990 and others 15-20
244.    A David & Co tabletop sewing machine with manual and accessories 15-20
245.    A collection of memorabilia related to Wolverhampton Wanderers, also betting slips signed by Paul Gascoigne, Bryan Robson, Peter Beardsley and Gary Lineker, including match tickets, team photographs, signed photographs (including Graham Taylor and Bill Sketer), programmes and signed books 40-60
246.    A Villeroy & Boch Botanica design part breakfast service, Portmeirion Botanic Garden wares, and other similar wares (45 pieces) 30-40
247.    Britains and others die-cast metal farm vehicles, plastic figures and accessories, a painted bronze figure of a boy smoking a pipe, Selangor pewter wares, Chokin wares, etc 20-30
248.    Various Wedgwood green jasperware trinket boxes, vases and cup and saucer and a boxed Crown Staffordshire salt, pepper and mustard pot 20-30
249.    Books: The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, four volumes; Winston Churchill - The Second World War (The Reprint Society) six volumes; books on whisky, wine and art 50-70
250.    Folio Society Books: The Natural History of Selborne by Gilbert White, Folio Society book of 100 Greatest Paintings, another of Portraits, The History of England by Thomas Babington Macaulay, others of English literature - George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope and others 60-80
251.    Folio Society Books: Mostly ancient history including A History of Rome by Theodor Monnsen, The Arabian Nights illustrated by Detmold, The Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy by Jacob Burckhardt and others 60-80
252.    A Minolta Dynax 700si SLR camera with 28-105mm Sigma zoom lens, a Minolta XL-660 Sound Cine camera and two video cameras 20-30
253.    Various loose cigarette cards, including Wills, Players, Churchman, Godfrey Phillips, various first day covers (1980s and millennial), and various Norwegian stamps 20-30
254.    A brass box 12cm x 8cm x 4cm, brass dish with incised dragons 21cm diameter, brass bowl 11cm diameter, brass mortar 12cm, carved wood stand 14cm square, Horezu marble-glaze dish 20cm and two Molero boxes (8) 20-25
255.    Keys, clock keys, scissors, hooks, screw-drivers, penknives, lock accessories and small wood drawers with handles 15-25
256.    A 'Magic' marmalade cutter, and two hand operated meat mincers (3) 15-20
257.    A Royal Doulton 'Claudia' pattern part tea service (20 pieces) 15-20
258.    A decorative wall charger 32cm diameter, a bowl and two other small bowls all with hand decorated floral designs 15-20
259.    Various pink, blue and amber glass wares of the 1920s, three biscuit barrels and a 'Pekin' design dish 30-40
260.    Various 1930s green glass tableware, including a two tier cakestand, flower bowl, other bowls and dishes 20-30
261.    An Art Glass clear and blue cup-shaped bowl on stem 18cm, three tall ovoid-bowl wine glasses, 23cm, tumbler 10cm and a vase 9cm (6) 20-25
262.    A Wedgwood glass mushroom paperweight together with a vintage glass owl paperweight by Steuben of Portugal, scratched sign to base, and a Mary Englbrest and another (4) 15-20
263.    A pair of glass vases with a green glass trail design all round together with a bowl and green coloured Art Deco style glass vase 15-20
264.    Three Bohemian/ Czech glass vases with colourful enamel birds and floral decoration and a small fluted ruby glass vase 10-20
265.    A double cased orange and white vase with clear glass panels together with a square shaped royal blue vase and a glass jug 10-20
266.    A Royal Worcester figure 'December 3458' modelled by FG Doughty 16cm high and a Lladro figure of a crane 20-30
267.    A Victorian majolica relief moulded jardiniere and stand, depicting cranes, cartouches and foliate scrolls (parts loose or missing) - as found, total height 111cm 40-60
268.    A pair of floral design jardinieres by Tiffany & Co, 18cm high, a matching vase and circular box, a pair of Steinman square vases, Sadler vases and other ceramics 30-40
269.    Royal Doulton Figures: Adrienne HN2304, Helen HN3601, Priscilla HN1340 (cracked) Elizabeth HN4426, Strolling HN3755 and Buttercup HN2309 (6) 40-60
270.    Five miniature Royal Doulton character jugs, Old Salt D6557, North American Indian D6665, The Falconer D6547, Lobster Man D6665, Neptune D6555 20-30
271.    A large collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern dinner and tablewares 40-60
272.    A Shelley part tea service, in a daffodil design including two tea cups and saucers and one tea plate (8) 30-40
273.    A Lladro figure of a girl stretching, 21cm high, another of a girl with geese, and three other Spanish figurines (5) 20-30
274.    An Alfred Stellmacher three piece coffee service, Bohemian, depicting owls in a moonlit setting, coffee pot 22cm high, printed A.S. monogram mark (3) 30-50
275.    A Royal Albert Masquerade pattern tea service, (27 pieces) and a Beswick 'Apollo' pattern coffee service (14 pieces) 15-20
276.    A pair of Continental vases, of tapering cylindrical form with applied and painted floral design on each, on three scroll feet, 24cm high 30-50
277.    An Edwardian wash bowl and jug, printed with floral sprays 10-15
278.    A Royal Doulton figure of Mrs Bardell 11cm high, two Royal Doulton character jugs, other character and Toby jugs, a Beswick figure of a robin, a Poole pottery vase, a Nao figure and two painted plates 50-70
279.    A pair of Waterford wine goblets, with heart shape cuts, a Waterford square dish, an Orrefors vase, and other glassware and paperweights 40-60
280.    A Poole Pottery black finish vase 18cm high and three other vases (4) 20-30
281.    Four Karl Ens Volkstedt bird figures including kingfisher and bullfinches (4) 50-70
282.    A Susie Cooper Crown Works meat plate, depicting a turkey 54cm wide 30-40
283.    A First Period Belleek cornucopia vase, with bronze effect putti, on shell form feet, 28cm high 100-200
284.    A lead crystal cakestand, a pair of cut glass decanters, salad servers and various jars 20-30
285.    Two Oriental style ceramic table lamps on mahogany bases and a small Tiffany style table lamp with brass base, 38cm high 15-20
286.    Two Nao by Lladro figures of a Shepherd boy carrying a lamb on his shoulder and a young boy carrying a football 15-20
287.    A Gama (Cuart de Poblet, Valencia) porcelain figure of a seated young woman feeding two birds, 23cm high 15-20
288.    A Clarice Cliff inspired Past Times Art Deco style tea pot with landscape decorations 15-20
289.    Goebel Figures: a collection of fifteen bird model sculptures including brambling, waxwing, nightingale, green finch, bullfinch, nuthatch, hummingbird, sparrow, robin, wren and others 120-150
290.    Carlton Ware (Wiltshaw & Robinson) profusely decorated with enamel and gilt, pagoda and blossom design, a preserve pot and stand together with a biscuit barrel with cane handle, as found 20-30
291.    A Carlton Ware poppy hand painted Australian design pale yellow bowl c1950 together with an amusing face painted jug 15-20
292.    An Amberglade jug depicting floral design cigarette cards 22cm high and another smaller 12cm high 10-15
293.    A Moorcroft Pottery model of the Moorcroft factory (2008 Heritage Visitor Centre), 11cm high, with box 30-50
294.    A Moorcroft Pottery 'Grasshopper' vase, designed and signed by Phil Richardson, with box, 2011, 21cm high 60-80
295.    A Moorcroft Pottery Charles Rennie Macintosh design waisted vase, signed and monogrammed, 13cm high with box 50-70
296.    A Moorcroft Pottery Iris design jug designed and signed by Rachel Bishop, numbered MCC 2445, with box and leaflet 70-100
297.    A Moorcroft Pottery 'Minuet' design small vase, 2004, 10cm high, and another vase of similar shape marked Des. Trial 10cm high, both with boxes (2) 70-100
298.    A Moorcroft Pottery crescent moon paperweight 11cm diameter, and three other Moorcroft paperweights each 9cm diameter (4) 30-50
299.    A Moorcroft enamel vase depicting lemurs watching a sunset, designed by Steven Smith 6.5cm high, and another Moorcroft enamel vase, with purple floral decoration, marked MCC99 5cm high, both boxed (2) 100-150
300.    A miniature Moorcroft Pottery 'Fly Away Home' pattern waisted vase, 5.4cm high, 2006, with box and two other miniature Moorcroft vases (3) 60-80
301.    A Moorcroft enamel Toadstool design vase, initialled R.D.R., 8cm high, with presentation box 60-80
302.    A Moorcroft enamel Fuchsia design vase, marked Trial A. Rose 29.10.99 7.5cm high in presentation box 70-100
303.    A miniature Moorcroft Pottery 'The Lemon Tree' design vase 5.5cm high and another 'Made in Burslem' design vase, both with M.C.C. leaflets (2) 80-120
304.    A Moorcroft enamel box depicting Blenheim Palace, 6cm wide, and an Autumnal circular box, marked Trial 19/4/99 A. Rose, 4.5cm high, both with presentation boxes (2) 60-80
305.    A Moorcroft Pottery meadow design miniature vase dated '99, 5cm high, with box 40-60
306.    A Moorcroft enamel Narcissus vase, made for Liberty, limited edition 29/250, with presentation box, 10cm high 80-120
307.    A Moorcroft pottery 'Owl and Pussycat' plaque, signed and dated 2013 9.5cm x 20.5cm, framed 80-120
308.    A Moorcroft Pottery 'Wish Upon a Star' nursery ginger jar, trial design dated 14.1.01, 10.5cm high 100-150
309.    A Moorcroft Pottery 'Goldfinch' design limited edition vase, 49/166, signed by Vicky Lovatt 15.5cm high, with box 200-300
310.    A Moorcroft Pottery model 'Shearwater Moon Fish' signed by Emma Bossons, with box 18cm high 80-120
311.    A Cobridge Stoneware vase, depicting bottle kilns, 16cm high, a 'Bracken Edge' design vase, marked CCC2002, 12.5cm high, and a Hosta design vase, signed and dated 1998, 12cm high, with boxes (3) 50-70
312.    A Cobridge Stoneware Cowberry design vase 16cm high 30-40
313.    A Cobridge Stoneware Hosta design vase, signed by Philip Gibson and another (T.H.) 32cm high 50-70
314.    A Cobridge Stoneware vase depicting an autumnal lake scene, marked trial 7.8.99 and signed by Nicola Slaney 32cm high 60-80
315.    A Cobridge Stoneware 'The Logging' pattern vase, limited edition 15.150, signed by Anji Davenport and dated 1.4.00, 25.5cm high 60-80
316.    A parian bust of Apollo Belvedere after C. Delpech, possibly by Copeland, impressed artist's details to the bust on a socle base impressed 'Published February 1st 1861, Art Union London 1861', 33cm high 100-150
317.    A Royal Doulton Flambe Veined vase no.1616, 23cm high 60-80
318.    Three Furstenberg floral decorated plates with reticulated borders, blue f. mark to the base, 23.5cm diameter (some chips) (3) 50-70
319.    A Japanese baluster vase with underglaze blue bands and pink floral decoration, unmarked (cracked) 34cm high 60-80
320.    A Chinese blue and white sparrow beak jug, depicting a pagoda and landscape, handle replaced 12.5cm high, a similar dish (cracked and chipped) 16cm diameter, two other blue and white dishes, a tea bowl and a softwood coaster, as found 100-150
321.    A set of four Chinese prints of butterflies and flowers, and three Chinese embroideries 20-30
322.    A Bencharong porcelain tazza 10.5cm, cloisonne lidded jar 8cm, two cloisonne thimbles, millefiore glass circular box, silver metal elephant box, sword letter opener, bookmark, painted glass mirror 14cm and two beadwork purses (11) 25-35
323.    Japanese wares: Arita dish 18.5cm diameter, Satsuma blue ground vase 20cm, pair of vases 14cm, two other slim vases, a reproduction Utamaro print, and a carved lacquered wood crumb tray (8) 20-30
324.    An export Chinese silver plate epergne with four trumpet vases including a large central trumpet vase, hallmarks P.K. for Pao Kuang (Canton), 30cm high 80-120
325.    A five piece silver plated tea set 30-40
326.    A silver colour metal paper knife in the form of a sword 25-30
327.    A pair of silver plated fruit spoons 20-30
328.    A collection of glass and silver plate to include two trays, butter dish, etc 20-40
329.    A small collection of silver items to include a French coin with a pair of scissors within the coin, a USA Kennedy half Dollar coin and paper knife, etc 40-50
330A.   A collection of silver plate to include trays, swing handle basket, plus glass cruet, glass preserve jar, etc (three trays) 30-40
331.    A silver plated stilton scoop, a crumb tray and a pair of Mappin Brothers salad servers and a pair of sherry decanters 20-30
333.    A good Mappin & Webb silver plate teapot Art Deco style, as new 15-20
334.    Six various hip flasks 25-35
335.    A Dutch silver wooden box with an inset silver plated scene depicting soldiers at arms SPNS Dutch mark 15-20
336.    A canteen of cutlery for six 30-40
337.    A large collection of cutlery (three trays) 40-60
338.    A silver cigarette case, a silver bangle and a silver neck chain 75-80
339.    A cased collection of marcasite to include necklace, bracelet and brooch 50-60
340.    A cased pair of silver mounted glass knife rests 60-80
341.    A cased set of silver coffee spoons with bean finials 20-25
343.    Three silver vesta cases to include Samson Mordan & Co vesta 80-100
344.    A silver match book holder together with a silver match box holder 40-45
345.    A silver salt and mustard pots with spoons 50-60
346.    A pair of silver candlesticks 11cm high 60-70
347.    A three piece silver cruet with spoons and liners 70-80
348.    A silver porringer, London 1945 90-100
349.    A silver specimen vase 30-35
350.    A retro silver gravy boat, Sheffield 1939 75-80
351.    A small collection of silver cutlery and napkin rings 90-100
352.    An Art Deco silver powder bowl, silver cigarette case and a silver plated vesta 80-100
353.    Two cut glass scent bottles with silver collars, Birmingham 1929 and London 1922 and a silver top Birmingham 1909 glass scent bottle 30-40
354.    A silver topped cut glass jar, Birmingham 1904 15-20
355.    A boxed set of ten 800 silver iced tea/ cocktail swizzle spoons 45-50
356.    A pair of silver Corinthian column candlesticks, 25cm high, Birmingham 1901 200-250
357.    A silver bullet form teapot by Mappin & Webb, London 1919, 14cm high 200-250
358.    A four piece Victorian tea and coffee set in Rococo style, mixed dates 400-500
359.    A three piece silver tea set with ribbed decoration, Sheffield 1887 350-400
360.    A milk jug and matching sugar sifter, Birmingham 1865 100-125
361.    A small quantity of Georgian cutlery 140-150
362.    A Victorian gold sovereign c1900 220-230
363.    A Winston Churchill commemorative gold coin (This Was Their Finest Hour) 70-80
364.    A Queen Elizabeth II gold sovereign 1964 230-250
365.    Edward VII half sovereign 1903 120-140
366.    A 14 carat gold ring set to the centre with square sapphires and diamond set to the shoulders 150-180
367.    A large shell cameo depicting a Greek lady and gentleman, on gold colour frame 200-250
368.    A 9 carat gold cluster ring of seed pearls and centre amethyst 80-120
369.    A lady's Rotary watch (head only) 40-50
370.    A collection of gold chains, etc 250-300
371.    A gentleman's open face key wind pocket watch in working order 50-60
372.    A pair of Concorde silver cufflinks 50-60
373.    A collection of silver jewellery 50-60
374.    Three ladies fob watches (two silver), four gentleman's pocket watches (two keywind and silver) 150-170
375.    A gold guard chain 280-300
376.    A gold ring set with a man made alexandrite 60-80
377.    A gold colour ring set with citrine 75-80
378.    A 9 carat gold ring set with a large mother of pearl stone 75-80
379.    A 9 carat gold ring set with a large smokey quartz, a coral ring, a silver neck chain together with a stone set silver bracelet 100-120
380.    A pair of large gem set earrings 40-50
381.    An 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire three stone ring 60-80
382.    A 9 carat gold bangle decorated with Greek key pattern 60-80
383.    An 18 carat gold wedding ring 50-60
384.    A 9 carat gold paste set ring, a gold and silver ring and two paste rings 50-60
385.    Two bags of mixed costume jewellery 20-30
386.    A silver gate bracelet and a silver locket on neck chain 20-25
387.    A cased set of 9 carat gold gentleman's dress buttons and cufflinks 80-120
389.    A gentleman's bi-metal Rotary wristwatch 30-50
390.    A 9 carat gold gate bracelet with a Victorian sovereign 1892 320-350
390A.   A diamond three row half eternity ring, set in 18 carat white gold, the centre row with baguette diamonds and the two outer rows with princess cut diamonds 3500-4000
391.    A 22 carat wedding ring and an 18 carat wedding ring 180-220
392.    An 18 carat five stone diamond ring and a small diamond cluster ring (2) 200-220
393.    A collection of gold to include rings, brooches, earrings, etc 650-700
394.    A large cluster ring with two rows of diamonds and a central sapphire set in 18 carat white gold (one stone missing) 700-800
395.    A three stone diamond bar brooch 500-550
396.    A diamond and ruby heart pendant 60-80
397.    A gentleman's gold International Watch Company (I.W.C.) wristwatch 200-250
402.    A black opal pendant set with white sapphires 200-250
403.    A boxed pair of jade earrings set in 14 carat gold 200-220
404.    A diamond and synthetic ruby five stone ring 180-200
405.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring set in 9 carat gold 100-120
406.    A posy seed pearl and diamond cross over ring 150-180
407.    A blue tourmaline and diamond ring 200-250
408.    A ruby and diamond cluster ring set in 18 carat gold 350-400
409.    A jade Buddha pendant with diamond set bale 300-320
410.    A diamond and posy ring set in 18 carat gold 200-220
411.    A diamond and coloured stone ring set in 9 carat gold 180-200
412.    A diamond set pendant on 18 carat gold neck chain 850-900
413.    A pair of gemset earrings with large drop pearls 150-250
414.    An 18 carat gold diamond eternity ring and one other 120-150